Liliead project -- overview and community
The overarching goal of The Lilead Project is to create a concrete, national picture of the challenges school district library supervisors face, the tasks they’re being asked to perform and their value – perceived and real – in their district.

AlaskaTwo years ago,the Legislature and Governor Palin passed a bill that created an annual grant program that will award $3,000 to every eligible public school library to buy materials for the students to read and use. Currently, there are no grants available to school libraries except for the project-oriented grants we fund to all types of libraries using LSTA. This would be the first Alaska State funded grant for school libraries.
As part of that law, we will be able to gather information about school libraries for the first time ever when the libraries submit their annual report on how the grant was used. Right now, we know very little about our school libraries. As for the grant program, we were not able to get it funded last year, but we are gathering precertification forms this year so we can submit a sensible funding proposal for this new program.



Idaho School Libraries/Media Centers Annual Survey, 2010-2011
2009 School Library Impact Study
2007-08 Pilot Survey

IllinoisSchool District Library Grant Program Application
(application includes collection of certain data elements)


Historical data to Fall 2007 only. MA no longer collects school library data.


Contact Bruce Pomerantz, Library Development Specialist, State Library Services, concerning questions about this data. Phone: 651-582-8890; bruce.pomerantz@state.mn.us

The 2011 worksheet and definitions. The data elements that are part of the National School Libraries Data Project have brackets [ ] around the identification number.

Data elements that are part of the National School Libraries Data Project have brackets [ ] around the identification number.

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Complete survey file

Included in public library statistics.

New Jersey

North Carolina
School Report Cards for individual public schools include number of books per student and average age of the collection.

South Dakota
Data digest (most recent summary data)


West Virginia

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